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Difference between A Web Designer And A Web Developer

It is easy to get a web designer and developer mixed up, as although they both help build a website, they are involved in different areas.

Web developers build a website’s structure using coding languages. They need to have a firm grasp of programming knowledge. They are the contractors, but for a website. The developer usually works on a designer’s concept to build the site. They are of 3 kinds:

Back-end developers, who design the core structure of the website and are experts in programming and software languages such as Java, C# and SQL.

  • Front-end developers build frameworks with which the user interacts.
  • Full-stack developers are those who can work on both the above areas.

On the other hand, a web design Singapore agency has visually creative and user-focused designers. They could be thought of as the interior designers, but for a website. They focus on style and the overall usability of the page and are of 3 kinds:

  • UX designer, whose main job is to gain the user’s attention.
  • UI designers help enhance how users interact with the website.
  • Visual designers are those who can do a mix of both the above tasks.

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