Everything You Need To Know About PYD 1588

Pyro detectors are used for motion sensors in different equipment like 3D scanners, Alarm systems, motion detectors, etc. A 1500 series of digipyros use a very small amount of power and become a prominent choice in equipment.

A pyd 1588 pyd low power digipyros is one of such power-efficient circuits that are highly compatible with battery-operated equipment. It provides a remarkable reduction in voltage requirements. The low-power Digipyros of the second generation marks a new era for motion detectors.


Voltage Use

Pyd 1588 operates at a low voltage of 1.8 V to 3.6 V. That enables the motion detectors to have more compact, portable, and compatible designs. It also helped in providing prolonged life to the devices and reduced the need for maintenance. Battery-operated devices are especially more convenient to make with less requirement of power.

Energy Efficiency

As it requires a very low voltage, it requires a very small amount of energy to work on. It helps smart electrically and battery-operated devices to become energy efficient. This also enhances the performance of infrared detectors in the industry.


Like the PYQ series and other components of the PYD series, pyd 1588 pyd low power digipyros use dual- and four-element pyro detectors (PIR). With the help of internal integrated circuitry to convert the element signal into the 14-bit digital output. It also converts it into an extremely low power consumption for battery-operated motion detectors.

Supply Current

Operating on a very low power supply voltage also provides an advantage of operating on a very low power supply current. It can be as low as 3 Micro Ampere for 1.8 Volts of the power supply voltage. This makes the digipyros series dual-element compatible for mounting on the walls, and the four elements become more compatible to mount on the ceilings.


The power requirement is already reduced for the use of 1588, but it can be reduced further by wake-up and sleep features. This detector series is compatible with adding such features to the device. It makes them even more power-efficient. A bandpass function and selectivity. A pulse cunt option also enhances the performance further.

 For Alarm System specification

A pyd 1588 pyd low power digipyros with dual-element low-power features two elements. These two elements in parallel can be designed into a compact surface mount device with an optical window. It integrates the host system with a reduced form factor. The motion detection feature gets coupled with the interrupt feature, which wakes up the sleeping host system. The low consumption of power with these features make it suitable for small devices and battery operations, and mobile application.

Other Features and Working

It has an Internal Integrated Circuitry build inside, which converts the element signals into 14 bit. This digital output will be visible on the digital interface connected to the circuit. It also has an internal diode which provides output for the pyro’s internal temperature. Adding both the signal from the circuit comes out in the form of 14 plus 14 bit.

PYD 1588’s TO-5housing has high EMI immunity and fully integrated detectors with two size options. That and low power consumption makes it best for remote motion detection in battery-operated devices.

It can work in all operations modes because of low current consumption.

Most applications that use these in detectors are four element pyro detectors. It offers features like sleep mode, bandwidth election, sensitivity adjustment, and Window time. Mostly these are used for the ceiling-mount sensors. It can also be available with a compact lens and for short detection distances.

The configuration of all four elements allows the host to select and set individual functions. A single wire connection separating the input pin allows the host to set sensitivity, bad pass selection, pulse count, and wake up.

Even when the circuitry is in sleep mode, it provides full functionality.


The DigiPyro 1588 is very energy efficient and provides a standard size window. PYD 1598 provides a larger filter window and offers better White Light Immunity and view. The PYD 2592 has features of a new SMD function with the same design and provides a standard dual-element configuration.

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