Firebase unity solution

Nobodys wants to rescript code in the interest of rewriting code. A constant proficiency is one of the main reasons for top decision features when you opt to invest in a library. We always take that seriously. Allegiance to a constant API has been an in-progress balance of adopting new techniques for better performance and maintaining existing patterns and developer know-how. But as you know Firebase brings down more features, the SDK itself becomes vast. To fit the modern web and reduce the size, and decides to make changes that need a break in our longstanding API.

Modular approach

In 2012 the original firebase was authored and was the only way to contend a module system in the browser. A common way to attach an “a namespace” for the library on the window, therefore window. firebase.

Today we do have an endemic module system in the browser. We have a prosperous ecosystem of JavaScript modules like webpack and some more that make it easy to well-planned package application code with library code, these tools work best while working with module-based JavaScript coding.

The benefit , which can put an end to unused code from applications and libraries we import. What is Firebase? How does it work? Well, It is changing to follow up a modular sample that gives tree shaking and hence do performance better  for your sites. This modular approach eliminates the side effects isolates and imports factors as single functions.

Services & Namespaces

Firebase is available as a javascript module for quite some time now. Anyhow, our commitment to reverse compatibility and a constant API is kept taking advantage of a module first approach. It is the one thing that is used as a module, but it’s spare to be modular. Any library works in a module, but it takes a particular organization to get the benefits of modules.

Firebase has known as a namespace that contains the firestore service. services like Authentication, real-time database, remote config, and messaging is also live on the namespace. Every service is a namespace as well. It has a set of methods attached like the collection.

New modular library

From namespace approach the new modular library has moved and rather towards isolating factors in the javascript function. Functions are the best way of marshal code and to promote tree shaking, they are independent units of code that take in discourse and give back new values.

Upgrade one library at one time

We know that upgrade is a breaking change that needs to update existing code, we have much code internally that uses Firebase JavaScript as well. After knowing this point immediately and creates a compatibility library. Well, once everything is updated, you need not have any possession left on the compatibility library and there you’ll be able to see tree-shaking benefits.

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