How to Permanently Delete All Photos on Mac: The Ultimate Guide

Summary: The following blog post discusses how to permanently delete photos from your Mac system with a number of different methods.  There are some applications available which make this process easier and more secure. You’ll find everything you need here so check it out!

Have you ever had a photo or video that is taking up all your computer’s storage space? If so, this article will help. Follow these instructions to get rid of any unwanted photos on Mac. However before we go through the process make sure to take backups of those photos that you want to keep.

How to Permanently Delete Photos on Mac?

Try below mentioned methods that can help you in deleting photos permanently from Mac.

Use Trash Bin

With help of Trash Bin you can delete a single photo or multiple photos. Follow below steps:

1: Open new window from the Finder icon available on Dock.

2: Select the folder from where you want to delete the photos.

3: Drag and drop all the desired photos in the Trash bin.

4: Click on the Trash icon and select ‘Empty’.

5: Click ‘Empty Bin’ in the dialog box.

UsePhotos Appfor deleting photos permanently

Another way for deleting photos on mac is using the Photos App. However, if your pictures are in sync with iCloud, the images you delete on your Mac would also get deleted from other connected devices. Here are the steps to delete photos using Photos app:

  1. Erase Photos from Photos Library

1: Click on the ‘Launch Pad’ icon.

2: Launch the ‘Photos’ app.

3: select the desired photo.

4: Right–click and select ‘Delete’ from the menu or press the ‘Delete’ on your keypad.

5: In the ‘Delete from all your devices’ dialog box, click ‘Delete’ to confirm deletion.

6: Empty the Trash bin to delete the photos from your Mac.

  1. Delete a Photo Album

All pictures are arranged into different albums by the photos app. These albums are available in the left side of window. Follow the steps below to completely delete the album.

1: Launch the Photos App.

2: Select the album you want to delete.

3: Right-click on the album and click ‘Delete Album’.

4: Confirm the deletion in the dialog box.

The selected album will be moved to Trash bin. To erase the photos completely, empty the Trash bin.

  1. Permanently Delete All Photos on Mac using the Photos App

If you wish to delete all the photos in a single go, you can again use the Photos. Follow the steps given below:

1: Launch the Photos App.

2: Press ‘Command + A’ to select all photos.

3: Press ‘Delete’ button from your keyboard.

4: Go to Recently Deleted in the left side of current window.

5: Click ‘Delete All’ and click ‘Delete’ in the dialog boxto confirm.

Note: if your Mac is synchronized with iCloud then, all the photos are also deleted from iCloud and connected devices.

Use BitRaser File Eraser to delete photos permanently

One of the best and secure ways to delete all photos permanently on your Mac is by using a certified file eraser software, such as BitRaser File Eraser Software. The software not only helps you get rid of photos but it also wipes out other data like music, cookies, traces, files or other documents, etc. To erase everything use this amazing tool.Follow these steps:

1: Install the BitRaser File Eraser software.

2: Select the ‘Files & Folders’ from the software window.

3: All the volumes will be displayed in the left side. Select the desired volume.

4: The files and folders will be displayed in the right side. Select the photos/folders you want to delete.

5: Click on the ‘gear’ icon on the top of the window, select ‘Erasing Algorithm’, and click the ‘Erase’ button at the bottom right.

6: In the ‘Confirm Erasure’ window, click ‘Confirm Erase’.

Once the erasing process is complete, a message appears confirming the file erasure.

Note: Restart your Mac system after completion of the erasure process.


If you need to delete files from your computer, such as photos that are taking up too much space or unwanted pictures cluttering it up for no apparent reason then there is an easy way. Follow the methods mentioned in this post and use certified data eraser software like BitRaser File Eraser which permanently deletes all data on a Mac beyond recovery capabilities so they cannot be recovered.

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