Is the Digital Skills Gap Affecting Your Business?

Are you feeling the pinch of the digital skills gap yet? Here are some ways to handle it.

The digital marketplace as advanced to become one of the best ways for businesses to reach new leads and sell their wares. It has surged in popularity and importance with such impressive speed, that it has left a vast disparity between the things that we know we can produce in the digital world, and our ability to produce them.

This pinch is most noticeable in the business world, especially in high tech companies and corporations. Those who design and produce the new technology that we use to produce and design our own goods, are coming up against a brick wall in more ways than one. First, the supply chain disruptions of coronavirus ate away at progress. Now, we have a massive digital skills gap brewing which is inhibiting how much we can do.

What is the digital Skills Gap?

You may have noticed in your office that there is a lengthening list of things that need to be done to maintain the business presence in the digital marketplace. These tasks have thus far been apportioned to those who have time to take them on, or to those that understand them. However, as those tasks have become more technical in nature, they are beginning to leave the realms of normal staff training behind. What you end up with is an ineffective system and a workforce that largely don’t know what they are doing.

There are a few ways to solve the digital skills gap in your won business. Here are some of the best ways you can tackle it before it gets out of hand.

How to Tackle the Digital Skills Gap in Your Office?

If you need to tackle the digital skills gap in your office, you can start with hiring.

Hire new employees

It’s easy enough to hire new people to fill up the gap, so this should be the go-to solution for any firm that can afford it. Hays Technology have a wide range of online CVs you can browse, so you have a better chance of finding the exact match for your organisation that you are looking for. Hiring new employees means bringing new skills and experience to the table. This can be all it takes to propel you on to bigger and better things.

Training existing employees

If you don’t have money to invest in a new permanent member of staff, then the next best solution is to up the staff training in your office. You might ask for a volunteer to tackle these new tasks and even train someone to handle them. However, you will need to give that someone a small pay raise or risk losing them once the training is finished.

Getting around the gap

If all else fails, you can deliberately scale projects down or skirt particular areas where your firm has a digital skills gap. This is a short term solution at best. New training and new hiring should be at the forefront of your strategy here.

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