Is Yubo For Dating? Why This Generation Z Application is Helping Users Make Connections

If you have spent even a moment on the internet in the last decade, you’ve likely ended up on a social media platform. Social media has made connecting more accessible than ever, but it has also presented various challenges for individuals.

Social media platforms like Yubo seek to change how we connect and communicate with one another. Instead of instant communication and live discovery, they were leaning and leaning, seeking to replicate friends’ behavior in real life.

Interested parties may have already discovered Yubo on their own. While the platform features image swiping not dissimilar to Tinder, Yubo is not a dating application.

What Does Yubo Offer?

Instead of operating as a dating platform or a social media site for old friends, Yubo focuses on live social discovery wherein strangers can meet, interact, and potentially foster positive and new friendships. Yubo utilizes best-in-class technology to give users the chance to stream video, audio, and other content with one another while building friendships on the platform.

Yubo is primarily dominated by its Generation Z demographic, with more than 95% of its user base fitting into that age group. To better facilitate interactions for these individuals aged 13 to 26, Yubo leans upon its team of content moderators and social safety tools.

Additionally, Yubo refers to the experts and professionals at places like the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children, Thorn, and The Diana Award. These insights are used to update Community Guidelines further to protect platform users.

Inside the Safety Tools of Yubo

Yubo was founded in 2015 by a trio of friends from France. After deciding what they wanted to offer with the website, Yubo’s team knew that they had to implement a range of safety tools to accommodate what they hoped to accomplish.

Yubo leads the way by offering moderated livestreaming content for audio and video materials. Content is monitored in real-time by Human Safety Specialists who are constantly looking for potential violations. Human Safety Specialists can immediately act to make a difference when violations are found.

Human Safety Specialists are only one part of the advanced network of safety and security tools meant to help the platform’s younger users.

Additionally, Yubo requires all individuals to use an ID to verify their age before registering with the platform. Yubo also integrates punitive action for members thought to have circumvented these restrictions.

Despite the range of safety features put in place, Yubo hopes to empower its base of users to act in their own best interests. Yubo states, “It is essential to use good judgment when interacting with new people and report any instances where another user behaved in a way that made you feel uncomfortable.”

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