MilesWeb Review: Grow with Best-In-Class Dedicated Servers

If you are anticipating even more growth and looking for a better server, you are on the right blog.

Every web hosting server has capabilities and potentialities. They work as per the potential they hold.

If your website has outgrown shared hosting, facing downtimes, security risks, speed issues, then it is time you switch your server.

You must be using VPS right now. Sometime back, for some privacy and better performance, you shifted to VPS hosting. That was the best decision. However, your traffic has grown two times more than expected.

If your server has some limitations to hold an amount of traffic, it will degrade the website’s performance when traffic increases more than expected. Due to this, you may lose potential customers, visitors and brand identity overall.

Your website reach also depends on the server performance. It should load fast, respond quickly, be smooth in use, etc.

VPS server is a mini dedicated server. You get the privacy required, but it cannot match the high resource capacity in dedicated hosting.

There is one physical machine in VPS that breaks down into multiple virtual servers distributed among many users. If you look at a dedicated server, the entire physical machine is yours and only yours.

With a dedicated server, there are fewer to zero security risks. No other users’ traffic impacts yours. You enjoy a completely isolated environment with no other users around you.

There are tons of benefits of the dedicated server. It holds the power to manage heavier traffic than a VPS can handle. Your website will enhance in many ways after you switch to dedicated hosting.

Why do we switch VPS from shared hosting? Because we know that shared hosting cannot provide the same value anymore or contribute towards more growth.

Similarly, when you outgrow the traffic using a VPS server, it’s time you need a better server, such as a dedicated server.

Efficiency is the key to growth. If your website isn’t efficient, your bounce rate will increase. What is the use of coming so far and being stuck right there?

We also know the best hosting provider that can provide you with an affordable dedicated server. The name of the host is MilesWeb. MilesWeb is an Indian hosting company that offers hosting services around the globe.

MilesWeb is best known for its cloud, VPS, dedicated, shared web hosting Singapore and India.

They are consistent, solution-oriented and focus on quality before anything else.

How is Dedicated Server Better than VPS?

A VPS server is a physical machine that is split into many virtual servers. Each user has one virtual server and dedicated resources.

It works best for websites that are more than medium-sized enterprises. Their websites have more traffic, and they need more work on them. At the time, VPS hosting would be valuable.

As your VPS server is providing you no more value, that means your websites need more than a VPS server.

That is where the dedicated server enters. In a dedicated server, you own the complete server space. There will be no user on your machine or distribution of virtual servers.

Dedicated hosting is more valuable in terms of high performance, high security, committed environment and reliability.

Managed/Unmanaged Dedicated Server

Many companies offer both managed/unmanaged dedicated hosting. MilesWeb is one of those companies that provide both.

MilesWeb unmanaged plans are for those who are familiar with technical stuff. They can use the server and manage it as they want.

If you are not good with technical things or need some support, you can opt for managed dedicated hosting. You can reach the support team of MilesWeb and let them know about your requirements and they will sort it out for you.

MilesWeb Dedicated Hosting Plans

The price for MilesWeb’s best dedicated server plan starts from Rs. 6,999/m. They offer more than ten plans under dedicated hosting. You will get a sufficient amount of storage, memory, bandwidth and one dedicated IP.

You will also receive plenty of features that will benefit you in your consistent growth.

Listening down some features below –

One Dedicated IP – You will have a unique IP address for your website. Unlike shared hosting, you don’t share the IP address with anyone. This increases the security and safety of your platform.

MilesWeb dedicated servers are highly reliable. So, there won’t be any security risk. You will also get a free SSL certificate with every web hosting plan you purchase.

High Performance – Dedicated hosting encourages high performance and speed.

Your website will run smoothly. It will not experience downtime and will reduce the bounce rate.

MilesWeb dedicated servers offer 99.99% of network uptime upholding their service level agreement. They guarantee that your website will be available at all hours, which is the highest in the hosting field.

SSH Root Access – You get full flexibility to manage and monitor the server. You can customize as you want and install high-end web applications with ease and run them hassle-free.

More benefits –

  1. Dedicated resources
  2. High level of security
  3. Choose your control panel and operating systems
  4. Powerful server


A dedicated server is the need of the hour when your VPS server cannot handle the incoming traffic.

Dedicated servers are more valuable and efficient. They provide a completely isolated environment to increase productivity.

MilesWeb can provide you with low-cost dedicated hosting with quality service. You just have to believe in them.

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