Prepaid vs Postpaid Phone Plans: What’s the Difference?

Airtel is one of the topmost telecom companies in India striving to give each and every user, an experience of seamless connectivity in the best possible manner. Airtel offers a plethora of plans – both postpaid and prepaid – to their users so they can enjoy hassle-free connectivity as per their needs from anywhere and at any time. These plans not just make staying in touch with your loved ones very simple, but also have additional benefits of recreational value that are sure to keep you entertained at all times. Let’s further dive into these postpaid and prepaid plans to get a better understanding of what they are and what they offer.

What are Prepaid plans?

As the name suggests, these mobile plans require a fixed payment in advance wherein a user has to prepay a certain amount to enjoy the various benefits that the plan has to offer. With Airtel prepaid plans, users can avail unlimited calling, 4G internet, full talk time, roaming, SMS services, and a lot more. These affordable mobile packs are best suited for those who do not require a very high volume of data and/or calling.

Additional benefits of some of the Airtel prepaid plans include complimentary subscription to mobile edition of Amazon Prime Video, Apollo 24/7 circle, free online courses at Shaw Academy, Rs 100 cashback on FASTag, Free Wynk Music, and Free Hello tunes among others.

Various prepaid mobile packs from Airtel include – Truly Unlimited, Smart Recharge, Data, Talk time, and International Roaming.

What are Postpaid plans?

In Postpaid plans, subscribers receive bill on a monthly basis after they have used the benefits of the plan. Airtel Postpaid plans, or your one-stop for all network solutions, have a lot of advantages that are sure to enhance your network experience like never before. For starters, Airtel will give your family a single bill and a single plan that’ll enable you to save approximately 25% per month. Other benefits include truly unlimited calls, huge data caps with a rollover of unused data, subscription to leading video streaming apps, and a lot more. With these complimentary subscriptions, you can enjoy free movies and shows across various genres from the comfort of your homes. Additionally, with high internet speed offered by these plans, you can enjoy a great streaming experience with no interruptions!

These affordable 4G prepaid plans start only at Rs 399 a month and are packed with offers to improve your streaming as well as calling experience.

It needs a mention here that once a user has booked a postpaid sim, it will be delivered to their footsteps for free and in a contactless manner. This not only saves you the trouble of visiting a nearby Airtel store to avail a sim, but also ensures safety and social distancing amid Covid-19 times.

What’s better for you?

Airtel has fashioned these mobile plans in such a way such that everyone gets a chance to enjoy superior connectivity among other benefits in an affordable manner. Both prepaid and postpaid plans have perks of their own and the best way to select one for yourself is by analyzing your requirements. These value-filled plans are sure to upgrade your experience and once you’ve analyzed your network and internet requirements, you can avail a plan best suited for yourself.

What’s more is that even recharging these plans is quite simple. You can do it online through various recharge apps and by using many payment modes making the whole user experience quite effortless. Rest assured, there will be a plan to perfectly match your requirements and improve your digital experience like never before.

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