SaaS – Software Like a Service – Data Privacy and security

Within the other articles on SaaS, Business Applications, SaaS and SMB Market, we suggested that SaaS is a mass enabler for SMB (medium and small business) market. To be able to provide effective SaaS solutions for enabling multi-tenant systems, it’s imperative the key problems with data privacy and security are addressed.

You should acknowledge and see that the needs, sensitivity to data privacy and security and prices levels demand different amounts of SaaS enabling. There might be a credit card applicatoin that may share exactly the same database among different clients because the application is not core to the organization and knowledge doesn’t demand the greatest degree of data security. However, there might be a credit card applicatoin that needs data file encryption together with separate and dedicated database because the application data demands greatest degree of data security.

Let us take a look at different amounts of SaaS ennoblement for business applications. The SaaS solution enables a multi-tenant system you can use by multiple clients. The answer enables a safe and secure and reliable atmosphere where clients can execute business processes on a conversational level.

The critical facet of multi-tenancy option would be data security & privacy and application security. Basically, it’s about data separation and application separation. In the following paragraphs, we shall concentrate on data privacy and security. You will find multiple mechanisms, that you can use to make sure data separation to ensure that a customer doesn’t get use of another client’s data on a single SaaS solution.

1. Database Separation: This solution supplies a high degree of data privacy like a separate database is allotted to every customer. This comes in a greater cost because of licensing and operational cost around the SaaS vendor side.

2. Schema/Table Separation: This solution supplies a medium degree of data privacy separate tables are allotted to each client.

3. Data Separation: This solution offers the cheapest degree of data privacy as same tables are utilized to store customer data.

4. Data File encryption: Data file encryption may be used to give a high degree of data privacy to customer data. Data file encryption may be used with any of these solutions. Typically data file encryption is performed using symmetric file encryption with algorithms like AES (Advanced File encryption Standard).

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