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Signeasy is an extremely easy-to-use eSignature and contract workflow platform to sign, send, and manage critical business agreements. Signeasy also offers powerful integrations with popular business tools and apps like Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams, and more.

This blog will look at how Signeasy makes document signing and sending easy with their eSignature integration for Freshteam. But before that, let us understand what Freshworks is all about; Freshworks is a solution that helps organizations help their employees and customers. Freshworks achieves this by taking a new approach to creating and providing SaaS (software-as-a-service) that is inexpensive, easy to implement, and created only for the end user. Unlike other legacy software, what is different for Freshworks is that it establishes tech that works for each one, making it easy for customer service, IT, marketers, sales, and HR to help them complete their jobs and please their customers.

Freshteam is a cloud software by Freshworks created to revolutionize and streamline human resources (HR) by handling appointments, onboarding, employee data, time-off, and HR-related workflows in one place. With Signeasy for Freshworks, you can get the onboarding and hiring documents from Freshworks’ HRIS – Freshteam- and get them eSigned quickly.

Let us understand the advantages of Signeasy for Freshteams:

  • Make virtual hiring the norm: From managing job offers to employee onboarding, you can make use of Signeasy’s integration with Freshworks to send documents to get eSignatures.
  • Flaunt your tech-savvy side: You can save new employees the trouble of scanning, printing, and then faxing their appointment and onboarding documents. Alternatively, give them a choice to sign via a mobile, tablet, or the Internet.
  • Recruit new talent in your company fast: Don’t miss out on hiring the best employees because of paperwork-related delays. You now have the option to send the offer letters directly from Freshworks’ Freshteam and get eSignatures quickly.

Key features

Offer Management for Freshteam: You can now request eSignatures for job offers, send employee agreements to a candidate’s email address, and manage all of that directly within Freshteam. While Freshteam’s HRIS can manage most document processing, collating all the signatures can still be a problem. With Signeasy’s Freshteam integration, you can now collect all the signatures from colleagues or candidates without switching between multiple apps and storing all the employment documents in one place.

Onboarding for FreshTeam: You can now handle employees’ onboarding without needing paper. With Signeasy, you have paperless signing for a hassle-free and easy experience. While Freshteam’s ATS offers a seamless and whole recruiting expertise, integration of Freshteam with Signeasy can take care of all the offer management processes for you. Design a perfect offer letter and then send it to the candidates. After sending, you can expect their eSignatures instantly. The entire onboarding process also becomes fast and convenient. Employees can spend their first day at work getting to know their colleagues instead of spending hours doing redundant tasks. Not to forget, with Signeasy integration, you can now send continuous reminders to the candidates to complete all their onboarding formalities, including signing the necessary documents.

Benefits of using Signeasy:

  • Improved candidate and employee experience: When there is no printing or scanning involved, and you replace these tasks with convenient automated techniques, everything becomes hassle-free and tends to run smoothly.
  • Complete and close the gap for talent much faster: With eSignatures, you can hire the best talent the instant you find the perfect fit. Since your organization has the technological edge, you will likely attract the best available talent.
  • Completely safe virtual hiring: You implement a hassle-free onboarding of candidates virtually with eSignatures that are legally compliant as per-document audit trail; this is possible only with Signeasy.


Organizations worldwide choose Signeasy for its ease of use, security standards, and customer-centricity. Start your 14-day free trial of Signeasy – you do not need a credit card. Go ahead and implement the eSignature for freshteam to revolutionize your employee experience with eSignatures.

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