The Day-Care Management Software

Running a day-care center is not easy. Even after officials have met licensing principles, specified a legal configuration, found a perfect location, and hired good staff, they still have to take care of numerous daily tasks to keep kids and their parents happy.

Day-care software helps users to manage the everyday aspects of running a day-care center. Many daycare software have been developed for such purposes. However, the best daycare software can automate executive tasks, keep records of attendance, store contact information of parents, track health data of kids and help the users in scheduling classes and appointments.

What Is Day-Care Software?

It not only becomes difficult for the day care professionals to keep up with their small taxes, but also to stay on top of scheduling, administrative and financial duties as well. That’s where day care management software comes into play: It helps day care workers to simplify the manual processes that they perform every day, including billing, recordkeeping, attendance and tracking immunization.

Day care management software is also known as child care administrative software. This technology is applicable for all kinds of child-care centers, including:

  • Day-care centers.
  • Licensed family child-care homes.
  • Early childhood education preschools/programs.
  • After-school programs.
  • Drop-in programs.

Once an association is ready to open its doors for potential clients, it is never too early to invest in the software system. Doing so can guarantee that they are organized from the beginning and set up for success.

Common Functionality of Child Care Management Software

Most child-care management systems can come with some or all of the following facilities :

  • Admissions and scheduling

Provides calendars and widgets for scheduling classes as well as  registration and enrollment.

  • Billing and payments

It allows users to perform invoicing and billing, track the account balances and other past-due payments, create and print revenue reports and statements, and post payments in batches. Offers assistance for multiple online as well as in-person payment methods, including check, cash, money order and the credit cards.

  • Immunization tracking

It tracks and notes children’s immunization records, including past, recent and completed immunization and vaccinations due dates.

  • Reporting

Generates statements and provides alerts for kids birthdays. Also generates reports on income summaries, class statistics I.e class type and size, attendance and monetary transactions.

  • Employee management/time and attendance

Simplifies staff check-in and check-out; manages employee working hours; stores pay taxes and other staff information at location-specific and organization-wide levels.

  • Communication

Allows the users to keep parents aware about their kid’s activities via emails, mobile application alerts, or text messages.

  • Meal management

Some systems even offer menu planning, nutrition analysis, and meal tracking.

  • Activity planning

Enables staff to define activity plans or lesson plans in advance.


Some center administrators think a single-application software will be enough to fulfill their necessities. However, that is not ideal for a long-term growth. It’s usually better to get a reliable child-care management solution because it enables you to simplify every aspect of the business, it eliminates the need to buy various applications from multiple dealers that don’t do well with one another.

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