Watching sports during a pandemic

There is no need to tell you about how life right now is different than it was a year ago. But luckily, after a short interruption, most professional sports still continue. And that’s great for the people at home! Right..? For a lot of people it won’t be the same. It’s still the same sport, but without fans in the stands it’s different to say the least. And not to mention the amount of games being played right now. To fit it all into the already tightly packed schedules there are weeks where it seems like there’s a game every hour of the day. To prevent getting bored with your own league or team here are some tips for watching sports during a pandemic.

      1.   Skip your own league and watch a foreign game

You might get bored with seeing the same faces day in day out. So try and switch to a foreign league for some variation. Adopt your favourite foreign team based on the coolest name or the most interesting player. You will see that you’re getting as invested in them as you are in your own team. And you’re not yet agitated towards the players as you might be to the ones of your own team.

     2.  Switch sports

Are you a basketball fanatic, but are you getting a bit tired of watching basketball every day? Switch to another sport you haven’t watched before! Tune in to Formula 1 races or switch the basketball pitch for a soccer pitch. A great way to spend the extra spare time the lockdown provides you by getting to know a new sport. Read up on your new sports so you know all the rules and experience the excitement you had getting to know your current favourite sport.

     3.  Do your own commentary

If it’s possible within the guidelines of your country, invite some friends, turn of the sound of your television and do your own commentary. Let others judge your commentary and add prizes for the best commentary. This way you’ll have fun either way, even if the game isn’t that fun to watch. And who knows, there might be a career change awaiting you as a sports commentator or pundit as soon as the pandemic is over.

Stay up-to-date
Of course you want to stay up to date on the results of your own team and your new foreign favourites, so make sure you visit a website with a good Livescore API like Sportmonks. They will make sure you get real time stats of all games your interested in, from various sports and teams from all over the world. This way you won’t have to miss anything and get through the pandemic much easier.

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