Why should you opt for RCN cable TV?

Nowadays, there are hardly any cable providers who will not try to lock you into a contract by promising that the prices would be less in case of the contract compared to individual month-month basis. However, this is not the case with RCN. All plans of RCN cable TV are on a month-to-month basis. Furthermore, the prices are actually towards the lower side compared to other cable TV service providers.

The unfortunate part of RCN cable TV is that currently, they are only available in six regions on the East Coast. These are Chicago, Boston, DC metro, New York, Philadelphia, and Lehigh Valley. If you are currently residing in any of the above-mentioned locations, then you should opt for RCN cable TV. Their plans are very simple with the availability of only a single TV plan and one option of one bundle.

Why should you opt for RCN cable TV?

  • RCN cable TV provides contract-free packages. You will not get sucked into any agreement of 12 or 24-month.
  • Their TV and bundle options are extremely affordable
  • They provide you with Internet service via the fiber-optic network. Therefore, you can expect high Internet speeds.

Why should you not opt for RCN cable TV?

  • They have only one TV plan.
  • If you opt to go for DVR or any other equipment, you will have to pay extra.

Cost of RCN cable TV

RCN cable TV is pretty affordable and flexible with their TV plan even though they only have one plan to offer. Despite having one single plan for all locations, the plan differs from one location to the other. This may be a little confusing for the customers. However, depending on your location, you have to check the plan. Despite the differences in the plan features from one location to the other, you can stay assured that the price that you will pay in the case of RCN cable TV will be less than any of the other cable providers you have selected.

RCN TV also offers their customer an option to customize their TV packages with additional add-ons and other international packages.


There are no contracts as a part of the RCN cable channel. Therefore, you can cancel the subscription with the RCN cable TV provider at any point in time without having to worry about paying them the termination fee.

Fees of RCN cable

If you read the fine print of RCN, you will come across a line that says that they may charge additional fees for the surcharge activation, installation, taxes, et cetera which may not be written as a part of the actual package. These prices are subjected to increase depending on your state and laws. However, the activation fee of RCM is only $9.99 per month. This is a one-time fee. If you have to get a TV outlet installed, you will have to pay $35 per outlet. Depending on the number of TVs that you have to add to your plan, the price would increase. The customers have an option to choose between a digital converter or an HD converter. If you wish to go for the HD converter, you will receive a better viewing experience. But, you should add $43 to your monthly budget.

Installation cost

When you check out RCN cable TV, you will notice that they have added a $50 installation fee. However, you can choose not to pay the installation fee. There is an option of getting free installation. You can avail of the free installation option by using one of the coupons. To find the coupon, just type on Google, “RCN installation coupon”. You should find a coupon that should negate those $50 off the installation charge.

Cost of bundling

If you choose to bundle your Internet and TV packages with RCN, you have a few options to choose from. You will be able to avail a variety of TV plans if you go for a bundling option compared to going for a stand-alone TV plan. The TV, phone, or Internet plan combination and the prices may vary depending on your location.

The prices of the bundles may also vary depending on the location. For example, in DC RC and bundle come for $32.99, in Philadelphia, you will have to pay $34.99, in Chicago, you will pay $44.99, and so on. The reason of the discrepancy in the prices is because the TV plans of each of the locations are different.

To be honest, if you check the prices of the RCN bundle as well as stand-alone plans with any of the other Internet and TV service provider plans, you will realize that RCN provides you TV and internal service at much cheaper rates compared to others. Therefore, you should go for RCN cable TV.

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