Hotels Need Advanced Hotel Software to Succeed in the Competitive Hospitality Market

Hospitality industry is one business segment that keeps evolving with time and industry trends. In current times, the focus of the industry has moved towards catering to customers that are learning to travel again after the pandemic. Managers are using everything from creative offers and discounts to building guest profiles to give the guests a personalized staying experience. One can safely say that the hotels that do not keep up with the trends are going to lose revenue and goodwill of the customers. Savvy managers understand the need to follow modern trends and they always aim to be one step ahead of the market trends so that they can get the first mover advantage over their competition.

Using hotel software is the first step for hotels that want to improve the features and facilities that they provide to their customers. Once hotels know the kind of demands their guests have, they can work on providing the guests with the same. It is a simple fact that guests need more than simple comforts during their stay. Guests expect to be impressed by the services provided by the hotel so that they can recommend the property to their friends and also choose the property for their next stay.

How Can Hotels Use Cloud-based Hotel Management Software to Upgrade their Hotel Property

1) Contactless Check-in and Check-out for guests

When guests reach a hotel after traveling for many hours, they don’t want to spend time at the front desk to check-in and fill-in paperwork. With contactless check-in, guests can simply go to their room after checking-in through a web-app provided by the hotel. The web-app can also act as a key to the room and guests can also call room service through the app.

2) Give the Best Room Rates to the Guests

Guests have become more conscious of their money in recent times and they want the best price for the accommodation. By using a channel manager and a cloud-based hotel management software, managers can provide guests with the most affordable room rates compared to the competitors. As the data is backed on the cloud, any changes to room rates are instantaneous and guests can grab the best deals.

3) Chat-bot Integration

Using a chat-bot is a great way to give guests the information they need without them having to wait for a human operative to attend to their queries. Chat-bots can be installed on the website of the hotel so that they can answer common queries of the guests and also give any suggestions that the guests might require. With the prevalence of AI and modern technology, hotel owners can create an excellent way for guests to interact with a chat-bot and get any answers they are looking for.

4) Automation Simplifies Daily Tasks

In every hotel, there are tasks that need to be done on a daily basis. Whether it is generating reports or updating the database with crucial data, all this can be automated through the hotel PMS. A reliable and robust hotel software can take care of all your automation needs with predefined programs that can also be customized to the needs of your hotel. Using automation leaves more time for the staff to interact with the guests and answer their queries and questions properly. Another benefit of automation of tasks is that there are virtually no errors that might be caused by a staff member filling the wrong data.

5) Hotel Software Improves Staff Productivity

Hotel software is an ideal way to reduce the stress of everyday tasks on the staff so that staff can focus on customer-facing interactions and activities. From attending to the guests to answering their queries or beautifying the property, all tasks can be done by the staff when the software takes care of the repetitive tasks like data entry and report generation. The software can also be used to assign duties to the housekeeping staff depending on the requirement. As soon as a guest vacates the room, housekeeping staff will get a notification on their phone and once the room is cleaned up they can mark the task as done and the room can be added to the inventory for the next guest.

6) Direct Bookings for Rooms

Cloud-based hotel management software that comes with a dedicated booking engine can help the hotels in accepting direct bookings through their website and provide better room prices to their guests. Direct booking does not involve an OTA or a third party service as the room can be booked through the hotel’s website. A hotel with a robust website offers a more professional front to the guests so that they can form a positive image of the hotel in their mind.


The hotel industry needs to be quick when it comes to accepting new technologies so that they can be ahead of their competition. Using modern and advanced hotel software is a necessity for managers that want to excel in providing the best services to their guests while taking the hotel’s profits to the next level. Managers also need to keep in mind the ease of use, scalability, and customizability of the software so that they can use the software for many years.

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