Top Digital Solutions to Be in High Demand in 2022

Over the recent years, progress in the field of IT has been noticeably speeding up due to the fact that we continue to live in the new limited conditions for the second year. To help the adaptation of the private and public sectors digital technologies are on their pick of demand.

Emerging trends 2022

If we talk about what new things await us in IT in 2022, then we can highlight several points:

  • Outsourcing. Various companies are beginning to optimize their structure and outsource more tasks to external IT specialists. We can assume that such a trend was caused by companies that, in the situation of the corona crisis, realized the need for the online presence of their products and to provide the availability of better services to the customers on a very short-term basis. This is possible only with the support of the professional team, which can provide the stable-working custom IT solution quickly.

The demand for digital technologies, automation services, autonomous systems will increase many times over.

  • AR/VR technologies are developing quite quickly. At the same time, the demand for them in different directions is also growing.

For example, the WHO hopes that these technologies will accelerate the development of telemedicine, in particular, they will make the processes of training doctors on the best practical examples more effective.

Demand for software developers is steadily growing, as there are many tasks for IT specialists. So are the prices for the senior-level IT specialists.

Also, according to the market experts, the direction of information security shows stable growth.

IDK (International Data Corporation) identifies the following trends in the development of IT technologies:

  1. Accelerated transition to the cloud. About 80% of enterprises will start moving to the cloud infrastructure twice as fast as it was before the pandemic.
  2. Artificial intelligence. IDC expects that by the end of 2022, a quarter of companies from the Forbes Global 2000 list will buy at least one AI startup.
  3. Ecology. Eco-events are becoming an integral part of the IT industry. Therefore, one of the trends in the development of information technology in 2022 will be the reduction of energy costs and the reuse of IT equipment.

In the direction of user services (SD) trends:

  • Turnkey projects for a long period of support. Still relevant for those who do not plan to organize an insider team.
  • Customers choose the form of «single window», increasing the level of SLA.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) in the work of call centers, import substitution, and the trend of information security.
  • Accenture: the chatbot market in Russia expects an annual increase of 30% over the next 3 years. Messengers are no longer just a platform for communication and now perform business functions.
  • Customization, a hybrid of classic service and development and change projects.

Also, the TrendForce analytical company made a number of predictions regarding the development of technologies in 2022:

  • Digital production. Analysts are confident that IoT technologies will become the main metaverse. The development of the Internet of Things will focus on cyber-physical systems (CPS).
  • Virtual reality. The integration of additional sensors and AI algorithms will allow AR and VR equipment manufacturers to experiment with full immersion.
  • Automated car parking. This is a completely logical continuation of drones with autonomous driving technology. Most likely, in 2022, automated parking will become the most valuable feature in such cars, and manufacturers will not bypass the brewing trend.
  • AMOLED and under-display cameras. But these technologies will make a real revolution in the world of smartphones. It is expected that the designs will continue to be foldable, characterized by optimal weight, energy efficiency, and the price at the level of flagships.

It should also be noted that the field of 3D modeling and printing is rapidly developing. For example, Startups Particle3D and A.D.A.M. expect to have 3D-printed bones suitable for human implantation in 2022. Both companies use calcium-based minerals for printing, and the implants are custom-made based on patients’ CT scans.

As a short conclusion

It’s difficult to mention all the inventions and new trends, but I believe, there will be even more new innovations in 2022 that will impress humanity.

As IT is a constantly changing industry which always bringing us new opportunities for inspiration and new impressions!

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